Put Zacchaeus in the Tree




(As described by Andrea Erbrecht, Charleroi, Pennsylvania in CHILDREN’S MINISTRY magazine | January/February 2012 issue)


Play a fun game of Put Zacchaeus in the Tree with your preschoolers.

Cut out a big cloud-like shape from green poster board to be the top of the tree. Cut out a trunk from brown butcher paper or paper grocery bags.

Create a tree by assembling the two pieces on the wall.

Download pictures of Zacchaeus from Web Exclusives at childrensministry.com and make three copies per child.

Stick double-sided tape to the back of each one.

Gather kids, and play the game like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Blindfold each child, spin the child three times, and then have the child try to place Zacchaeus into the tree branches.

To make it extra challenging, draw a specific branch on the leaves and challenge kids to get Zacchaeus right on that branch.

Have fun!


By Kimberley Payne Posted in Craft

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