How to Create a Peacock Craft

Peacock craft
Peacock craft2

• White construction paper
• 2 paper plates
• Green, blue, red, yellow, purple paint
• Paint brushes
• Black marker
• Googly eye


• Pour the green paint onto the paper plate.
• Place the palm and fingers of your one hand into the green paint.
• Press your hand onto the white construction paper four times overlapping the palm of your hands near the bottom then let the paint dry.
• Pour separate pools of blue, red, yellow and purple paint onto another paper plate.
• Once the green paint has dried, dip your finger into the blue paint and make little dots all around the green. Repeat with all the colours.
• Draw the profile of a little bird body near the point where the palms of your handprints meet.
• Draw little feet, a small beak and a wing on it.
• Glue on the googly eye.


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