How to Create a Pig Craft

Pig craft2
Pig craft

• Pink construction paper
• Toilet paper tube
• Pink pipe cleaner
• 2 small black pompoms
• Black and red markers
• Pencil
• Pink paint
• Paint brush
• 2 googly eyes
• Scissors
• Glue


• Paint the toilet paper tube pink and set aside to dry.
• Cut a piece of pipe cleaner, and curl it for the tail.
• Once the toilet paper tube is dry, glue the eyes onto the front near the top.
• For the ears, draw and cut out two semi circles from the pink construction paper, and glue them on either side of the toilet paper tube at the top.
• Colour the inside of the ears with the red marker.
• For the nose, glue the two pompoms close together in the middle of the toilet paper tube.
• Using the black marker, draw a mouth slightly below the pompom nose.


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