How to Create a Quail Craft

Quail craft
Quail craft2


• Black construction paper
• Yellow pipe cleaner
• White pencil crayon
• Scissors
• Glue


• Draw an oval on black construction paper, then trim one end of the oval for the tail.
• Draw and cut out a circle for the head. Glue the two pieces together.
• Draw a curved wing on the side.
• Draw feathers with the white pencil crayon on the bottom of wing.
• Cut off a small piece of the pipe cleaner and glue the quail onto it, like a bird perched on a limb.


Simple CraftsFind this craft and over 20 other easy animal crafts in Super Simple Animal Crafts


Adam's Animals (1)This craft book is a supplement to Adam’s Animals – Fun Facts about God’s Creations



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