Preserving the Past

There are trees mentioned in Eric’s blog that are also featured in Trees of the Book – Learning from God’s Creation. Do you know which ones?

Country Inspiration

From our deck, I sometimes gaze up at the great trees that surround us. Towering white pines and red oaks. A giant sugar maple. What scenes have they ??????????witnessed during their century and a half of life? First nations’ warriors netting rainbow trout from our stream or hunting deer in the surrounding woods? Forest fires? Pioneers felling neighbouring trees to make room for fields? A bulldozer pushing a road through the woods.

The rings of wood they’ve laid down record their history: drought, rain, fires, or insect infestations. A skilled biologist may be able to re-construct their story by taking a sample core.

Mom's wedding picWhat of your family or mine? Will our grandchildren or great grandchildren be able to read about the ebb and flow of our life stories?

I regret having little knowledge of the early lives of my parents. What was their childhood like? How did they meet—and court?…

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