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Book Reviews for Trees of the Book, Learning from God’s Creation

Esther Haug, illustrator
Trees of the book is a creative way to explore the world God has created. It provides a great way to learn the Bible in such a fun way that your child may not even know they are “learning.”

The facts are introduced in a fun Bible story from the perspective of the tree and then summarized in list form, making it easy to digest and retain. The pictures are beautiful and the boarder on each page imprints the shape of the trees leaf in your memory. It is a great resource for home schooling, particularly for a student that is burnt out on their current science or Bible curriculum. It can be used as a short, informative break from your curriculum and the student will thoroughly enjoy it. My nine year old son enjoyed it.

Karen Howell

Trees of the Book – Learning from God’s Creation is a fun read as well as informing. The trees narrate each page for the reader. I’ve never really thought much about how significant the trees in the Bible truly are until this book. One can know that God created trees for our food, our shade, our privacy and the beauty of them, but this author explains much more. God has a purpose in using trees to help us understand ourselves and our purpose better. I have to give this author credit for in this book she illustrates the deep thought God put into his creation of trees and she explains how we are blessed the more because of the many ways trees provide for us. The reader also receives a thought-provoking activity on each page to help increase understanding, not only of trees but of famous people of the Bible.

I recommend parents get this book for a gift for their child.
Susan David, CCLC
This book was sent to me as a gift for review

Psalm 1 describes the blessed person is “like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruits in season.” Trees are symbols of prosperity. “Trees of the Book” brings blessings and fun-learning to readers. This delightful resource not only offers a fun way to impart knowledge about the seven types of trees, it guides readers to reflect on their own life experiences and connects them with Bible truths. The content, illustrations and layout design is beautiful done to perfection. What a creative way to promote learning and studying the Bible.

Joyce Li

I did not know one could learn so much just from the Trees of The Bible! The author has done a great job in bringing the riches of the word of GOD to us in a very interesting and thought provoking manner that I believe children and adults will find useful.

I particularly like “Trees of the book” because it combines storytelling and learning in a way that will take people back to reading the Bible. Equally; it is unique and educative enough to be used at school.

I truly believe that parents too will learn from this book!

I recommend it!

A Kid’s Review


Trees of the Book, Learning From God’s Creation is the first book in the Science and Faith Matters series, by author Kimberley Payne. It is a delightful look at the trees of the Bible, their purpose, and what we can learn from them.

With beautiful illustrations that will captivate children, Payne has created a unique balance between science and faith. Each of the seven chapters includes a bible story from the viewpoint of the tree. Accompanying the story are “science facts” helping children to pinpoint a certain tree by its characteristics. The illustrations, beautifully done by Esther Haug, include a close up picture of a leaf on the tree studied for that day. This is an excellent tool for homeschoolers as you could take your children out to the park with this book in hand and have them see what trees they can spot through the pages of this book.

Along with science facts, there are questions for discussion, Bible verses, and activities such as Word Searches, Puzzle games and even a colour by number activity. There are seven chapters for seven days of individual reading. This is why I say it is perfect for homeschoolers looking to mix science and faith together.

An excellent book that is sure to delight your children. I give Trees of the Book 5/5 stars!

Laura Davis


Kimberley Payne’s delightful book Trees of the Book will tickle your senses in every way. The information is stellar. The illustrations enjoyable and the puzzles simply fun. I understand that the book is for children but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Younger children will best benefit from a parent’s guidance as they work their way through some of the activities. I advise you to treat yourself and your family to ‘Trees of the Book.

Brenda Wood, author & speaker

Kimberley awakens children (and adults) to the immense knowledge that can be found in the Bible. In this book Kimberley focusses on some of the trees found in Scripture. She tells short stories related to the “tree Scripture”; asks questions; gives a few interesting (and to me unknown) facts and gives various activities to review the information.

The artwork is delightful and colourful.

I found, even as an adult, that I learned much from this little book.

It would be perfect for homeschoolers; Christian Schools and Sunday Schools.

Bravo Kimberley for a great resource.

Jan Cox

Trees of the Book by Kimberley Payne is a great children’s activity book describing some of the trees mention in the Bible. It is well written and illustrated.

I found the description of the trees very informative, easy to understand on an elementary level. It is fun the way she related each to a passage in the Bible describing how God actually used that type of tree.

The activity section with each tree was both a learning tool and fun to do. This book will keep your child’s interested.

I enjoyed Trees of the Book by Kimberley Payne and highly recommend it. It is a must add to your entire child’s home reading and would make an awesome Bible study addition.

[Please note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.]

Larry Gray



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